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An Autumn in London
  Arike   Arike
So close
  Elektra   Elektra
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  Shyams Favorite   Ore Kadal
The Sea within
Akale - At a distance   Akale
At a distance
Agnisakshi   Agnisakshi
With fire as witness
in the fact that I do nothing in particular to please an audience, and yet hope fervently that my picture will be accepted and loved by those who see it.

The ambivalence of this position seems to me to be at the very heart of the problem of artist and audience - a relationship fraught with tension. - Andrei Tarkovsky
-  Welcome to the online home of Shyamaprasad
a site that seeks to update you on all that is Shyamaprasad – his work, his life and all that it means. You’d find sections that dwell on his work for television, his movies, works on the anvil, and reflections on the art of film making. Also included are appearances in the media, interviews and awards gathered along the way.